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EZTest® Incubator

EZTest® 1410 Incubator

  • 13-cavity, compact design
  • Built-in digital thermometer, built-in vial crusher
  • Three settings: 37ºC or 57ºC or 60ºC
  • For use with EZTest® Biological Indicators

The EZTest® Starter Kit includes: EZTest 1410 Incubator, EZTest BIs and Logbook.


Mesa Labs

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4140-IEZ-1410 EZTest® 1410 Incubator, 13 cavity, 37ºC or 57ºC or 60ºC Each
4140-14/TI Digital External Thermometer Each
4140-LB Sterilization Log Book (English) Each
4140-LB-FR Sterilization Log Book (French) Each