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Smart-Well® Incubator

The 1710 Smart-Well® is a highly sophisticated monitoring tool that is intuitive and designed with the user in mind. The Smart-Well incubator is easy-to-configure with its simple touch-screen interface and color LCD display. The incubator can evaluate up to ten Smart-Read™ EZTest biological indicators independently, and contains an additional cell for a positive control unit. Each BI test result is automatically documented with a user-customizable printed report, and an alarm is sounded the moment that sterilization failure is detected.


  • Fast biological Results
  • True biological system
  • Automatic documentation
  • Easy one step evaluation
  • Alarm on sterilization feature
  • 100% Verifiable results
  • No enzyme pretest
  • No false negatives

The 1710 Model Smart-Well offers these enhanced features:

  • Dual Integrated Digital Thermometers
  • Improved Processor and Storage
  • Larger, Color LCD Interface
  • Password Protection
  • Temperature Progress Meter


Mesa Labs

Smart-Well Incubator / Auto Reader

Smart-Well Incubator / Auto Reader

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4140-SWI-1710 Smart-Well® Incubator, 10 Cells, Temperature 60º C Each
4140-9503 Smart-Well® Printer Paper and Ribbon Each
4140-14/TI Digital External Thermometer Each