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Transwab® Neutralising Rinse Solution

Transwab® NRS II comes in its classic form as a Neutralising Rinse Solution, which is used to neutralise disinfectants and break through biofilms to ensure recovery of microorganisms from already disinfected areas to test the efficacy of the disinfectant.

  • Ready to use and can be transported and stored in ambient temperatures
  • Rayon Bud ensures maximum absorption and release
  • Complies with national and international standards
  • Neutralisers allow accurate recovery of residual bacteria on food contact surfaces
  • Precise fill for accurate assessment of contamination levels
  • Shatterproof tubes
  • Leak proof screw cap
  • High visibility blue cap


Medical Wire and Equipment (MWE)

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4080-MW784 TRANSWAB® with 5mL NRS II media case / 10, box / 50
4080-MW785 TRANSWAB® with 10mL NRS II media case / 10, box / 50
4080-MW786 TRANSWAB® with 1mL NRS II media case / 10, box / 50