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COVID-19 Collection & Transport Kits

​Virus specimen collection and transport kits

Health Canada approved and M-40 Compliant.​

Virocult® media:

  • Respiratory viruses
  • STD's
  • Viral skin lesions
  • Enteric viruses
  • Emerging diseases
  • Compatible with a wide range of molecular methods as well as traditional cell culture techniques
  • ​Antimicrobials suppress bacteria and fungi
  • Transport specimens at ambient temperatures
  • Integral swab capture
  • 1 mL or 3 mL fill volume

​​Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swab

  • Compatible with Virocult® medium MW951T3 with integral swab capture on cap.
  • The Nasopharyngeal swab consists of a plastic shaft with a nylon flock fibre.
  • Length: 151 mm with breakpoint at 78mm
  • Diameter: 2.5 mm (tapers to 1.0 mm at tip)
  • Immediate packaging: Individual in peel pouch
  • Sterile

Oropharyngeal Sigma Swab®

  • Foam swab with plastic shaft
  • Swab Length 150 mm with breakpoint
  • Tip Diameter: 5 mm, standard size
  • Tip length: 1.5 cm
  • Site: Skin, Nose, Throat, Rectum, Vagina
  • Sterile


Medical Wire and Equipment (MWE)

MW951T3 Virocult Media only

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4080-MW951T3 New Virocult, 3mL Media Only 200 / Box
4080-MW002NF New Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swab, Individually Peel Pouch 1250 / Box
4080-MW951S Transwab with Virocult 1mL media + Oropharyngeal Sigma Swab 125 / Box