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Transwab© and Sigma-Transwab©


  • Open-cell foam bud
  • Optimum specimen absorption and transport retention
  • Enhanced release of specimen onto lab media
  • Open cell structure allows complete reagent flow-through, enhancing direct test sensitivity

Transwab© and Sigma-Transwab©

  • Includes swab and labeled tube in peel pouch
  • Semi-solid or liquid transport media for superior recovery of pathogens in medical, clinical, food, forensic, environmental and industrial applications
  • Choose tip material and size, shaft material, and transport media


Medical Wire and Equipment (MWE)

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4080-MW169P Amies Clear, Transwab© double plastic shaft 125 / Box
4080-MW170 Amies Clear, Transwab© single plastic shaft 125 / Box
4080-MW177 Amies Liquid Clear, ENT regular wire shaft 125 / Box
4080-MW177S Amies Liquid Clear, Sigma Transwab© small vial 125 / Box
4080-MW169C Amies Charcoal Transwab© double plastic shaft 125 / Box
4080-MW171 Amies Charcoal Transwab© single plastic shaft 125 / Box
4080-MW173C Amies Charcoal Transwab© nasopharyngeal flexible wire 125 / Box