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Quality Control Organisms


  • Features a single microorganism strain in a lyophilized microorganism pellet, ampoule of hydrating fluid and inoculating swab
  • Over 900 strains available
  • Packs of 2 or 6


  • Easy to use – simply re-hydrate the pellet and inoculate
  • Over 900 strains available
  • Vial of 6

QC Microbiology Slides

  • Each slide contains droplets of an air-dried, fixed and preserved organism, or a smear
  • Applications: Acid-Fast Stain Controls, Blood Parasites, Tissue Parasites, Intestinal Parasites, Gram Stain Controls, Mycology Controls
  • Box of 10 slides

Accredited reference material under ISO 17034 standard.

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