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Microorganism Frozen Storage


  • Long Term low temperature storage system for bacteria, yeast, mould, fungi
  • Porous Ceramic Beads trap and preserve organisms
  • Create 20 identical pure subcultures per vial with just one colony
  • Can remove one bead at a time, returning the rest to the freezer for future use
  • Compact stacking polypropylene freezer grade case keeps vials organized

CryoStor Select

  • Optimizes viability of fastidious organisms
  • Special formulations for Anaerobes, Yeasts and Moulds, and Dairy Use
  • Meat Free formula for biotechnology and pharmaceutical use
  • 25 vials in a freezer grade case
  • Empty storage case also available separately


  • Convenient aluminum rack can be prefrozen to keep vials cold during bench work


Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4080-TS70-AP CryoStor™ mixed colour vials with freezer storage case 100 vials / case
4080-TS70-BP CryoStor™ with case, yellow 100 vials / case
4080-TS70-CP CryoStor™ with case, green 100 vials / case
4080-TS70-DP CryoStor™ with case, red 100 vials / case
4080-TS70-EP CryoStor™ with case, white 100 vials / case
4080-TS70-FP CryoStor™ with case, blue 100 vials / case
CryoStor™ Select
4080-TS73-AN CryoStor™ Select Anaerobe, orange 25 vials / case
4080-TS73-DY CryoStor™ Select Dairy, lilac 25 vials / case
4080-TS73-YM CryoStor™ Select Yeast and Mould, grey 25 vials / case
4080-TS73-MF CryoStor™ Select Meat Free, black 25 vials / case
4002-3039 CryoStor™ 25 storage box (blue, green or red) each
4080-TS70-H CryoBlock™ aluminum cold bench rack, 5 wells each