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Inoculating Loops and Needles

A wide range of premium quality, accurately sized twisted Nichrome wire loops. Nichrome wire offers all the benefits of platinum at much more reasonable cost. Accurately formed loops glide smoothly across the agar surface for evenly isolated colonies.

  • Consistent and reproducible results
  • Accurately calibrated with Evans Blue dye test
  • Calibration gauge for quality control in the lab
  • Rapid cooling

Precision manufacturing

  • Exacting manufacturing process ensures a perfectly symmetrical loop with equal dimensions, rather than an uneven oval
  • Calibration gauge checks that inner diameter remains accurate during daily use

Nichrome loops

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
Inoculating Loops with 8" Insulated Handles
4030-3152 Small loop with 8" handle, 2mm ID, 26G each
4030-3153 Medium Loop with 8" handle, 3mm ID, 26 G. each
4030-3154 Large Loop with 8 inch handle, 4mm ID, 26 G.
Loops with 6" handle also available
Inoculation Loops Only, No Handle
4080-MW190 to MW195 Nichrome Loop, 5mm to 1.5mm ID, 26 G 25 loops / pkg
4030-3512 to 3515 Nichrome Loop, 2mm to 5mm ID, 26 G
​12 loops / pkg
Handles for Loops
4030-5010 Insulated Brass Holder 6" each
4030-5000 Insulated Brass Holder 8" each
Calibrated Inoculation Loops
4030-3730 Nichrome calibrated loop, 0.001 ml, 26G, 6" handle each
4030-3630 Nichrome calibrated loop, 0.001 ml, 26G, no handle each
4030-3830 Platinum calibrated loop, 0.001 ml, no handle each
4030-3740 Nichrome calibrated loop, 0.01 ml, 26G, 6" handle each
4080-MW190C Nichrome calibrated loop, 0.01 ml, 26G, no handle each
4030-3840 Platinum calibrated loop, 0.01 ml, no handle each
Inoculating Needles
4030-3325 Needle, 3" 25 G. (no handle) 12 needles / pkg
4030-3060 Needle with 8" Insulated Handle, 24 G. each
Teasing Needles and TB Spades
4030-4000 Teasing Needle, straight, with handle each
4030-4010 Teasing Needle, 45º angle, with handle each
4030-7000 TB Spade with handle each
Loop Calibration Gauge
4030-7020 Quality Control 0.001 ml Loop Gauge each
4030-7010 Quality Control 0.01 ml Loop Gauge each
Disposable Loops and Needles
4242-L200-3 Disposable Needle, white 25 loops / bag, 40 bags / case
4242-L200-2 Disposable 0.01 ml Loop, yellow
25 loops / bag, 40 bags / case
4242-L200-1 Disposable 0.001 ml Loop, blue 25 loops / bag, 40 bags / case
4242-L300 Disposable Colony Spreader, individually pouched 100 spreaders / case