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Fecal Transwab

  • For the collection and transport of faecal specimens
  • 2mL Liquid Cary Blair medium specifically developed for enteric bacteria
  • Convenient Snap ‘n’ Cap format for easy specimen handling
  • High absorbency cellular flow-through foam bud
  • Suitable for bacteria, viruses, and faecal parasites
  • Validated compatibility with automated processing systems and offers faster turn around for manual processing
  • Directly as a rectal swab. The highly visible red marker line indicates the safe limit for swab insertion
  • Alternatively, the swab can be used to collect material from a stool sample


Medical Wire and Equipment (MWE)



Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4080-MW168S Fecal Sigma Transwab, 2mL Liquid Cary Blair, Standard foam swab 125 / box