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  • DrySwab without transport media for immediate testing or tests not requiring viable target organism
  • Rayon, dacron, alginate, cotton or Sigma Swab foam tips available
  • Peel pouch or labeled tube
  • Molecular studies (e.g. PCR), ELISA, other immunodiagnostic tests


Medical Wire and Equipment (MWE)

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4080-MW100 Dryswab®, Fine tip, narrow plastic shaft, Rayon, labeled tube 400 / box
4080-MW155 Dryswab®, Ultra fine twist-wire nasopharyngeal pediatric, Rayon, peel pouch 1250 / box
4080-MW940 Sigma Swab, peel pouch 1250 / box
4080-MW943 Sigma Swab ENT with breakpoint, peel pouch 1250 / box