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Dalynn Media and Reagents

Plated & Tubed Media

We offer a full range of culture media, CHROMagar plates, and Pre-Reduced Anaerobically Sterilized Media. Plated media is available in variety of formats including mono-plates, bi-plates, contact plates and 60 mm plates for filtration identification. Tubed media formulations are available in wide variety of sizes and fill volumes.

Disks & Reagents

We offer a full line of diagnostic disks including Beta Lactam Disks, Erythromycin E60, vancomycin, LAP Disks, PYR Disks, X & V Factor Disks. They also have an array of ready-to-use prepared laboratory reagents including strains solutions, blood solutions, and agar and broth solutions.

Supplements & Enrichments

We offer a complete line of supplements and enrichments. They are in either frozen liquid or lyophilized forms thereby providing lengthy shelf life.

Cannabis Quality Control

We offer prepared media for testing microbiological contaminants in cannabis and cannabis-derived products. Products used for environmental monitoring are also available.

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