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Animal Blood Products

Sheep, Horse, Bovine, Goat and others

  • Plasma and serum
    Defibrinated, clotted, plasma recovered and various anticoagulants
  • Whole Blood and Red Cells
    Defibrinated, washed, anti-coagulated, lysed, laked

Additional Features

  • controlled donor herds
  • antibiotic free
  • consistent quality
  • superior shelf life

Popular items listed below. Contact us for the specific products to meet your needs.

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4290-1501-03003 Horse Blood, Defibrinated, 30 mL, screw cap bottle 30 mL / Bottle
4290-1001-10008 Sheep Blood, Defibrinated, 100 mL serum bottle 100 mL / Bottle
4290-2040-50024 Bovine Serum, sterile filtered, 500 mL, PETG bottle 500 mL / Bottle