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Animal Blood Products

For Research, Diagnostics and Media

Sheep, Horse, Bovine, Goat and others

  • Plasma and serum
    Defibrinated, clotted, plasma recovered and various anticoagulants
  • Whole Blood and Red Cells
    Defibrinated, washed, anti-coagulated, lysed, laked

Additional Features:

  • controlled donor herds
  • antibiotic free
  • consistent quality
  • superior shelf life

Popular items listed below. Contact us for the specific products to meet your needs.


Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit

Horse Blood, Defibrinated, 30 mL, screw cap bottle

30 mL / Bottle

Sheep Blood, Defibrinated, 100 mL serum bottle

100 mL / Bottle

Bovine Serum, sterile filtered, 500 mL, PETG bottle

500 mL / Bottle

To Order Please Call 1-800-563-3977 (Canada only) or 604-522-8303 or Fax 604-522-8318 or email