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Absorbent Packets and Sheets, Plastic Aprons

DriMop® Liquid Absorbent Packets

  • Efficient containment of spills
  • Use in specimen shipping containers and specimen bags
  • Swiftly absorbs and solidifies up to 300 times its own weight of liquid
  • 0.5g packet

Supersorb Liquid Absorbent Sheets

  • Super absorbent powder sandwiched between layers of absorbent paper fiber
  • Instant absorption to contain spills of body fluids such as urine and blood
  • Essential safety tool for specimen shipping containers and specimen bags
  • Each 4 inch by 5 inch sheet proves 100 mL liquid capacity

Disposable Plastic Aprons

  • Individually folded for easy dispensing
  • Generous coverage 71 cm x 116 cm (28 in x 46 in)
  • Quiet, soft, durable
  • Waterproof
  • Conveniently packaged in 5 boxes of 100 per case

Drimop® Liquid Absorbent Packets

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4090-02-01083CG17 DriMop® packets 1500 / case
4090-SS45 SuperSorb™ Sheets 200 sheets / package
4020-D-1 Apron, White, 100 aprons/box, 5 boxes/case 500 / case
4020-D-1MSP Apron, White, Individually Packaged 100 / box