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QuickVue® Strep A Tests

QuickVue® Strep A Test

  • Rapid detection of Group A Streptococcus antigen
  • Lateral flow immunoassay test
  • Accurate results directly from throat swabs
  • Accurate colony confirmation in the lab
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Easy to follow graphic instruction card

QuickVue® Dipstick Strep A

  • Reagent A and B extracts the antigen from the patient swab. The dipstick is added and the result test bands are read.
  • Collection swabs and test tubs included
  • Positive and negative controls included
  • Both viable and nonviable organisms are detected
  • High sensitivity at low level of colony count

QuickVue® Inline Strep A

  • Easy to use cassette format
  • One reagent
  • Integrated control bands
  • Individually packaged

QuickVue® + Strep A

  • Plus/Minus (+/-) readout
  • Two reagents
  • 'Test Complete' indicator
  • Integrated controls


Quidel Corporation


Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit

QuickVue® DipStick Strep A

25 Tests / Kit

QuickVue® Inline Strep A

25 Tests / Kit

QuickVue® + Strep A

25 Tests / Kit

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