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Slide Mailers


  • LockMailer 4-slide jar for mailing, staining or storing
  • Polypropylene jar with polyethylene lid
  • Leak proof lid with optional tamper evident feature
  • Stable base, extra strong 12 mL volume


  • UniMailer slides together and locks. Ship as many or as few as needed.
  • -80ºC to +80ºC high impact polystyrene. Press either end to pop slide up for removal.

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4242-M950-4MA100 LockMailer slide mailer jar, 4 slide capacity 100 jars/box
4242-M800-100B UniMailer slide mailer, Blue 50/pkg 4 pk/cs
4242-M800-100G UniMailer slide mailer, Green 50/pkg 4 pk/cs
4242-M800-100Y UniMailer slide mailer, Yellow 50/pkg 4 pk/cs