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Sample Collection and Security

Specimen Container

  • Plastic translucent specimen container, liquid-tight screw cap
  • 60mL (2oz), sterile, Diameter 48mm (2"), Height 60mm (2 3/8")
  • Patient-ID label and sterility seal

Red Security Seal Tape

  • Zippered edges and welding adhesive makes undetected removal of the seal virtually impossible
  • Visibility shows signs of unauthorized entry
  • Each strip 1 3/8" x 6 5/8", includes Date and Initial label
  • Secure evidence, specimen bags, collection containers

Temperature Strips 32ºC to 38ºC

  • Easy to read Moving Line Strip, 57mm x 13mm
  • Conforms to SAMSHA guidelines
  • Offset with a range of +/- 0.6ºC
  • Continuous display thermometer gives an instant response
  • Adheres to collection cup to indicate a freshly voided urine sample

Product Items List

Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
4242-C567-60CYS Specimen Container 500 / case
4003-66673 Red Security Seal Tape 100 / box
4025-PL215CR100 Temperature Strips 100 / roll